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  • Calcium and Vitamin D - Eating a balanced diet with enough calcium and vitamin D is a key step in the prevention of osteoporosis. Food sources, supplementation dosage of vitamin D and calcium. (Added: 16-Apr-2005)
  • Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet: Vitamin D - Consumer's guide to the sources of vitamin D, recommended intake for infants, children, and adults, vitamin D deficiency risk factors and prevention, the effects of vitamin D on osteoporosis, cancer, steroids and Alzheimer's disease, health risks of vitamin D overdose. (Added: 16-Apr-2005)
  • Linux Pauling Institute: Vitamin D - Discussion of function, deficiency, disease prevention, disease treatment, food sources, supplements, research, drug interactions, and recommendations from the Linus Pauling Institute. (Added: 16-Apr-2005)
  • Nutrition Fact Sheet: Vitamin D - Nutrition fact sheet about vitamin D, its physiological functions, factors affecting availability, deficiency, toxicity, daily reference intakes (DRI), and dietary sources. (Added: 16-Apr-2005)
  • Vitamin D (Calciferol) - A detailed description of calciferol, including information on its basic functions, health benefits, and deficiency symptoms. (Added: 16-Apr-2005)
  • Vitamin D (Calciferol) - Vitamin D (calciferol) fact sheet offering details on the functions, health benefits, dosage, sources, deficiency and overdose symptoms of this vitamin. (Added: 16-Apr-2005)
  • Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) - Offers information on the structure and synthesis, physiological effects, vitamin D deficiency and toxicity of vitamin D. (Added: 16-Apr-2005)
  • Vitamin D and Healthy Bones - Vitamin D supplementation guide including advices on adequate intakes (AI) for vitamin D, foods and supplements containing vitamin D, special considerations, food label for vitamin D products. (Added: 16-Apr-2005)
  • Vitamin D Toxicity - Symptoms, complications of vitamin D overdose toxicity, and recommendations on dietary intake to avoid vitamin D toxicity. (Added: 16-Apr-2005)

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